General settings

In Bloom theme, you have two different types of options to customize your posts:

  • Post General settings – These options will be applied to all posts, and you can find them in the Gumtheme > Theme Options > Layout Settings > Single Post
  • Individual post settings – you can apply them individually for each post. You will find these options under your post while editing.

Post General Settings

  • Either to show breadcrumbs or not
  • Either to show post publish date or not
  • Date type could be selected
  • Custom date format could be added
  • Date pretext could be added
  • Either to show author image or not
  • Either to show author
  • Author pretext could be added if any
  • Enable or disable views
  • Enable or disable comment count
  • Enable or disable post likes
  • Enable or disable footer socials
  • Enable or disable author info
  • Enable or disable posts added by author (who is recently logged in)
  • Enable or disable category related posts

Post Individual Settings

You can set either this post shows reviews or not,
if yes you can add some dummy reviews or at first it will be empty and if some user gives reviews, reviews automatically added to related post.

You can also set

  • Heading of reviews
  • Review description heading
  • Review description
Some Extra Elements for you
  • You can add subheading of the post which will appear under post title
  • Source name and URL of post if any
  • Via name and URL of post if any