Block settings tutorial

When you start building a website, it is important to use a structure that is suited for your content with the optimal impact on your visitors.

For each domain, there are certain best practices that are generally accepted by developers. One such rule for news, magazine and other related types of sites, is to display featured posts at the top of the page using large images and big, bold titles. This type of feature is covered in the theme by grids and blocks that come in multiple formats and color styles.

This guide will show you how to use and set the theme’s available grids and blocks. Each Grid can be added to the page using the Gumtheme plugin

once you are on the Add New Page you will notive plus sign on top left corner of the page through which you can add blocks into page as shown in below image

under the GumTheme Plugin you find grids for homepage. as shown below

Grid is main container for all other grids under GumTheme Plugin.

below video shows you how to add grids and build homepage

other than that you have Page settings section on this page as shown in below image

  • you can show hide page title
  • layout of the page boxed or full width
  • pick a position of the sidebar
  • can pick a sidebar from bulk of available sidebars

these settings define layout on the page.